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It is provided for use by the public and by all members to enhance inter-Society communications.

Background and Purpose: The Taiwan Headache Society

The Taiwan Headache Society was founded in September, 2005, as a non-profit organization of medical professionals. Its predecessor was The Headache Study Group within the Taiwan Neurological Society. The Taiwan Headache Society was established to be fully dedicated to a focus on headache medicine. The aims of the Society are to enhance and improve practitioner clinical knowledge and skills in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with headache. In addition, the Society exists to empower all people especially headache sufferers through health education. This website provides a rapid and efficacious communication platform for multiple groups. This is the only official public website for Taiwan Headache Society.

Establishment of the Taiwan Headache Society to educate the public as well as headache patients on the nature, diagnosis and treatment of Headache Disorders

Headache is a common yet poorly understood or acknowledged disease. In recent years there have been great advancements in the understanding of its pathogenesis and a growing consensus among medical professionals of the treatment guidelines of headaches, especially migraine. Headache is a biological illness which involves several kinds of neurotransmitters. It is not merely due to psychological factors. Headache has a great impact on patients and their families; however, the public usually overlooks this misunderstood illness. In addition, the understanding of headache diagnosis and treatment among Taiwanese patients is remarkably less than that of Westerners because adequate and factual health educational programs has been lacking in Taiwan. Therefore, we establish the Taiwan Headache Society to provide updated educational programs.

Headache Electronic News, Both for Professionals and Patients

Our education mission reaches out to health policy makers, headache patients and their families and anyone interested in learning more about headaches. We have divided our web-site into two parts, one for the health/clinical professionals and the other for the public. Because of the lack of Chinese-written information on headache medicine, the Taiwan Headache Society will publish headache information articles and other communications to both instill and update the knowledge for the public and health/clinical professionals. The Society will also provide headache symposiums for the continuing medical education for health professionals.

Broadcasting the Latest Headache Progress

The Taiwan Headache Society does not distinguish among traditional medicine, alternative medicine or non-drug therapies. We do not advocate any specific approaches or medications but rather, we encourage evidenced-based treatment, i.e. treatments established by substantial scientific basis and well-designed clinical trials. We only report the headache progress and related clinical trials which are published in peer-reviewed medical journals. This website belongs to the Taiwan Headache Society. Certain areas of this website are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies, but they have no influence or input on the contents of this website.

A Welcome: Join Our Society!

None of our goals can be reached in a short time. Because of man power and economic constraints we can only move ourselves forward one step at a time. We welcome all people who are interested and who qualify to join our Society. Your suggestions are more than welcome. Your membership and support will be great motivation for the emergence and growth of the Taiwan Headache Society and the advancement of knowledge as well as the improvement in the care and treatment of headache patients.

Our address: B4, No. 95, Wen Chang Road, Shih Lin District, Taipei City
Telephone: 886-2-28332211 ext 2598 OR 886-2-28344906